My boss is furious! 7 possible reasons

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The annoyances you create for them involuntarily

My boss is furious! Really?

No one wants to intentionally infuriate their boss, but sometimes everyone does things that don’t look professional and are annoying. According to Ian Wright, founder of the payment and services company Merchant Machine, there is nothing more boring than an employee who gives priority to minor tasks and postpones the most important projects. Who delays the correspondence until noon, instead of first devoting themselves to urgent commitments. Mr. Wright is right, but there are other really stupid mistakes in behavior that it would be great not to make in your relationships at work. 

You ask the same thing several times 

What did you not understand by “Call X. and ask when they will pay”? Your responsibilities may be much more complex than making a call to a client, but each subsequent refinement of the task irritates the boss. They may answer you every time you ask the same thing, but internally they are probably seething with anger. Do not play with fire, write down everything that is assigned to you and try to answer all the questions that arise. 

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Reverse delegation

Your manager has commissioned a study, and you delay it and return it with so many mistakes, underlines, and questions that you make them regret that they didn’t do the work themselves. If they are the type of boss who does not tolerate a pace and way of working other than theirs, you will have great annoyances – both of you. It is very possible for them to take back the task they have delegated to you and assign it to someone else, and this leads to a bunch of problems: 

– Gives a clear signal to the whole team that you are incompetent and cannot be relied on; 

– Reverse delegation is a sign that in this company a job may not be done and this has no special consequences; 

– Lowers the sense of responsibility and it is blurred in team duties; 

– Productivity decreases; 

– The collective atmosphere is disturbed. 

How much simpler it would be if each employee relied entirely on themselves and found the necessary information so that no further clarifications and additional consultation were required… 

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Everything is clear!

You say this even when nothing is clear to you just so you don’t make your manager angry and for them to think you’re stupid. As Ilene Marcus writes in their book Managing Annoying People, the boss wants you to complete the task and they won’t be happy at all if it is done through the fingers or wrongly. Her advice: share that you are confused or late at some point in the execution of the order, so as not to waste time and not to leave your management with the belief that you are a useless employee. 

Long explanations on “Why am I late?” 

There is no need to indulge in long and complicated explanations on why you are late for a meeting, trying to provoke the sympathy of your boss and colleagues. You do not need to draw attention to yourself – it is bad enough that you are late, do not interrupt the work of others, just go in and join the discussions, later, if necessary, you will explain. And one more thing: don’t be late. 

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You leave without saying goodbye

You are mistaken if you think that your boss did not see you leave earlier than the end of the working day and they did not understand that you are leaving because you didn’t sayGoodbye“. Don’t make this mistake, because they know that you are heading to leave as soon as they see you tidying up your desk or taking makeup out of your bag. If you have not finished the commitments for the day and disappear from their sight, you will give a reason for dislike on their part. Always notify management when you intend to leave the office early and always say goodbye. 

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Do you still need me?

You are already dressed, you have turned off your computer and with a bag over your shoulder you peek at the boss: “Do you have any more assignments for me for today?”. You don’t even realize how ridiculous you look when you walk into your boss’ office with your coat and ask if they have any questions for you.It is inexplicable why you signal that you are ready to work even more after you have obviously prepared to leave. 

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