Musician Kris Gran: If we think positively, we will live sustainably

A young man with a bushy beard and a white polo shirt with his mouth open stands facing a glass door, to his left a woman with long blond hair in profile holds a smartphone.

The author of the new track "How to find you" found the most inspiring location for the clip at ATRIUM

We find the author of the new track “How to Find You” in top shape days after filming the video. While creating the futuristic video, 26-year-old Christian Grancharov and his friends bring a lot of life to the ATRIUM building. In the Forest Hotel Suite, the co-working on the ground floor and the relax zone of the business center, the musicians also demonstrate a strong acting talent, as you can see here. And it can’t be otherwise – the team of the singer with the stage name Kris Gran is made up only of professionals, and he himself has been involved in music since he was very young.

“In Burgas, where I was born, I had a great childhood, full of games, studies, sports and music, thanks to my parents. When I was 6 my mother took me to my first piano lesson and at 9 my father showed me my first guitar chords. I graduated from the English high school in the city, but my love for music did not stop growing and that is why I came to Sofia to study “pop and jazz singing” at the NMA “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov”. I also completed an MA in Music Education Pedagogy there,” says Kris.

Today he works with names like Vladimir Ampov – Grafa and Polly Genova. He participates in vocal ensemble “Fortissimo”, winner of many titles and awards and multiple world winner of choir competitions in Latvia, Republic of South Africa, Sweden, Belgium and Poland. And he is “warming up” for the recording of his first album.

A young man with a bushy beard, a white polo shirt and white trousers is holding a smartphone sitting on a bed with white sheets and a gray duvet, behind him a blonde woman in a white blouse is sitting on her back holding a smartphone. On the wall there is a graphic wallpaper with trees and birds. There is a bedside table with a glass top and a hanging glass lamp.

Kris, from the new video and from your previous performances it is clear that you are good at mixing different styles: pop, rock, R'n'B, hip-hop, funk...

My interest in originality and creating new music has been with me ever since I was introduced to it. It is important for me to express myself through art and I am glad to be surrounded by artistic people. I have participated in X Factor (2014) and The Voice of Bulgaria (2017), from the formats I have gained valuable experience and good friends. I want the music we make to be a good example and influence for listeners.

The message of "How to Find You" is that new technologies drive even lovers apart. What is the story behind this idea?

With this clip, we aim to remind viewers that technology is a great helper, but there are times when it imperceptibly and unnecessarily takes our time and feelings. It is important to isolate the harmful from the beneficial in modernity. The project was inspired by the genres of science fiction and fantasy, but it was still important to approach the subject with a more realistic approach.

A young man with a bushy beard, a white polo shirt and white pants and a woman with long brown hair, a light gray blouse, light jeans and light sneakers are holding smartphones while sitting on a gray sofa on which there are three pillows, two of which have a gray-white-yellow triangular pattern . Behind them is a staircase with wooden steps and a metal railing to the upper living level, as well as a white cabinet with a small picture in it, a white-framed mirror and a brown front door.

The track sounds bold, avant-garde. How did you achieve this original fusion of text, music and visuals?

It was a strong burst of enthusiasm, because I wanted to combine the sound of live instruments – guitar and analog bass with so-called “beatmaking” and more specific sounds reminiscent of film music. My great friends and musicians Hristo Neychev and Emilio Marholev helped with this interesting mix. We will soon start working with them on the preparation of the first album, which is expected at the beginning of 2023. The song also has female vocals, recorded by my wonderful girlfriend Ina Marholeva – main character, dressed in pink in the video.

Many thanks to Dimitar Atanasov for the recordings that took place in his Sing Song Studio and to Julian Yanev, responsible for the great final sound. They are skilled professionals and amazing people. The concept and everything visual that you can see in the clip of “How to Find You” are the work of another very close person of mine – Ivan Bachvarov. This is another project we are working on together and I think it is a step up in our development as a team.

A beautiful woman with dark hair and a pink polo is in close-up, behind her is a blonde woman holding a smartphone and two men with dark hair in light clothes are looking at her, a woman with long blonde hair is also seen in the back.

What attracted you to the ATRIUM as a "stage" of the action?

ATRIUM is an impressive place in Sofia. Ivan Bachvarov suggested it when we were discussing the idea for the video and I really liked it. The whole look and design of the hotel and business center was created so modern and tastefully… This is what attracted us as we needed locations that gave a futuristic feel. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to shoot the video right at ATRIUM.

We had the pleasure of shooting in one of the suites, in the center of the atrium and in the relax zone. The studio was a perfect place to recreate the idea. New, minimalist, with a very suitable interior.

The atrium gave us the opportunity to take the photos with the passing people holding phones. This is a very important element in the video that nicely emphasizes its overall idea.

The relax zone was our ‘livelier’ place. It is more colorful and interesting with the different activities that can be done in it. People there don’t have fun the “good old fashioned way”, but that’s where the climax of our story is. There are also a few shots in the hallway and on the roof that fit perfectly into the video.

The clip shows what divides us, but only young people participate in its creation - what connects you, what are the values, ideas, causes behind which you personally and the people of your generation stand? In what can you say that you are like-minded?

I really like this question because it is very spot on, especially for this video. All participants in the shooting day were friends with an attitude towards music and art, good and talented people. Since we are all in the same field, we have been supporting each other for quite some time now, and this is very good for us as an industry and for the culture in our country. Each of us has an individual creative vision that follows.

For me, it is important that art has meaning. Like the theme of technology and alienation, music must not lose its soul in this day and age when it’s easier to make songs. I’m glad there’s still a lot of genuine music being made and the business doesn’t take precedence over the genuine. So far, the messages in the songs we have released are about love and friendship relationships and personal change for the better.

A young man and a woman with dark hair lie with their eyes closed next to each other wrapped in a gray bedspread in a gray bedroom with white sheets and pillows, behind them there is graphic wallpaper with images of trees and birds, next to them - bedside tables with glass surfaces on which smartphones are placed.

At ATRIUM, we are firmly committed to sustainable development and a sustainable future. How do you think sustainable living can realistically be achieved?

Sustainability is possible in every aspect, as long as there is desire and effort. With a positive attitude, discipline and focused actions, we are capable of a lot. A sustainable life is a quality life, a life with a good value system. And the more people look positively and altruistically, the more sustainable our life together will be.

A young man with a bushy dark beard, white polo shirt, white jeans and a beautiful woman with dark long hair and a pink polo shirt and pink pants look at each other in profile to the camera. The background is colorful with artistic wallpaper - one in black and white, the other in bright colors depicting a human eye. There are kitchen cabinets, a black refrigerator against a red wall, hanging lanterns in the shape of kitchen graters.

Where do you think eco-ideas fit in the big city?

The place of eco-ideas is at the forefront of people’s minds, especially those in power. This is a type of thinking that is necessary and is a cause. It is wisdom and responsibility.


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