Masterclasses live at ATRIUM: THE MAGNIFICENT WOMAN and Yordana Dimitrova

Blonde woman in a green dress is giving a masterclasses lecture to a group of women seated in front of the monitor

The Academy of "Mrs. Bulgaria 2012" presented 4 practical classes for strengthening personal image and brand

“Behind every confident, successful and sophisticated woman are knowledge, skills and awareness!” This is what Yordana Dimitrova, a specialist in elegance, etiquette and emotional intelligence, claims. And those who believed that this was so joined the workshop organised by her in our artistic event space ATRIUM Hall. Live master classes divided into 4 practical parts – gait and posture, emotional intelligence, healthy eating, photo posing.

A blonde woman in a green dress posing with a microphone in front of the monitor.
Photo: Magnificent Woman

A magnificent woman is like that because she knows that when you want, you can!

Yordana Dimitrova believes that every modern woman can realize herself magnificently in both personal and business terms. And the workshop at ATRIUM proved her words.

In the first panel of the masterclasses, Yordana revealed what good posture and gait mean for health, figure, character, and self-esteem.

  • “Did you know that gait often betrays a person’s character?”
  • “Why is it important to develop proper posture at all times, from sitting at the computer to doing housework?”
  • “Is it true that a beautiful posture and gait increases self-esteem because confidence is transmitted to the subconscious?”

Many more questions got the inspirational answers…

A blonde woman in a green dress is balancing a book on her head with the idea to show to a group of women how to have a right posture of the body.
Photo: Magnificent Woman

In the second panel of the masterclasses the topic was Emotional Intelligence – a practical workshop, carried out in partnership with psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Antonina Kardasheva (Architecture of Knowledge Academy). Questions related to each woman’s ability to recognize the emotional needs of the loved one, whether to suppress or release our emotions and how to achieve harmony and happiness at home were discussed.

In the panel “Myths and truths about healthy eating” with Dr. Anna Yordanova (Eurodiet), the ladies of the Academy received specific advice on losing weight, data on fasting, different diets, the relationship between diet and skin condition.

A group of women posing with heart symbols made with their hands.
Photo: Magnificent Woman

And finally, “Photo posing” classes were held by Yordana Dimitrova:

  • Can photogenic skills be acquired?
  • How to pose for great photos?
  • How to prepare for a professional photo shoot?

If you also want to know the answers and stand in front of the lens of a professional photographer – see more details on THE MAGNIFICENT WOMAN website.

The Magnificent Woman knows that life is beautiful

just the way it is – perfectly imperfect!


– Yordana Dimitrova,

Expert Personal Image and Brand


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