Ingenious: Cactus skin has been invented

Opened light green leaves of a succulent plant photographed from above.

Vegan skin is in no way inferior to animal skin

The day has come when women will wear fur coats, bags and shoes made from cactus! Two Mexican entrepreneurs figured out how to create an alternative to animal skin – not only ecological, but also like the real one in appearance and touch, because its characteristics of density, strength, flexibility and softness are in no way inferior to animal skin, mymodernmet reports.

The sustainable material, called Desserto, is created without cruelty to animals and the environment, without any toxic chemicals, phthalates and PVC ingredients, Adrian López Velarde and Marte Cazares assure. Desserto is partially biodegradable and can be used by the fashion and furniture industries to make all kinds of leather goods, for example car seats, chairs, fashion accessories, luxury packaging.

Green cactus in front of a pink wall
Photo: Unsplash

The transformation method

Velarde and Cazares grow cacti on their plantation in the Mexican state of Zacatecas. They explain that the plant does not need water to grow abundantly and can be used in various industries.

Ripe leaves are cut from organically grown cacti which are cleaned, crushed and left to dry in the sun for three days before processing, then dyed using methods developed by co-founder Adriano di Marti and the company of Velarde and Cazares. Vegan leather is organically certified and lasts about 10 years with regular use.

Its price is the same as that of natural leather, but it is better than it and than synthetic products, because it spares nature and there is no plastic in it and, accordingly, a negative impact on the planet. The brand is already negotiating projects with well-known companies in various industries to make Desserto more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses, the publication added. So no wonder you find yourself with a pair of cactus shoes before you know it.

You can see more about the innovation here.


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