Home economy: 5 unnecessary expenses

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You have no idea how much you could save if you avoided them

We spend a lot of money, starting from the amounts we regularly give for nonsense because we slave to unhealthy habits or spend just for the sake of it, without taking into account the truevalue of what we acquire. We turn into hoarders and just think of how many unnecessary items we accumulate over the years!

This is most evident when we move into a new home – the boxes are countless. We clutter ourselves with stuff because we don’t want to deprive ourselves of anything, but overstocking is not an option either. Let’s think: what can we save money from without restricting ourselves? There are at least 5 things – from the size of the home to the water on the table:

1. Too big of an apartment

At the moment, people are mainly investing in real estate, and this is reasonable given the financial instability caused by the coronavirus crisis. So far so good, but many have large-scale claims: the apartment should be multi-roomed or there should be several of them for rent; the house should be on several floors for when the children grow up…

An apartment over 100 square meters for a family of 3 is a short-sighted decision, experts explain. Firstly, the grown children will most likely want something else, for example to live abroad or in the countryside, and secondly, the costs are much higher than for a custom home. You’ll spend double and triple on finishings, overheads and maintenance – you can easily save on them. It’s obvious: size matters.

A cozy living room with white walls and a square large mat on the floor, the room has a large fireplace and fireplace accessories next to it, above it - a large TV hanging on a wooden surface, in the center of the room a large polished wooden stump as a coffee table, on it - remote, surrounded by a two-seater leather sofa and a light brown leather armchair. A red bicycle can be seen through a glass door to a balcony, a table lamp between the door and a window. Behind the couch is a narrow tall white table, above it a panel of round, shiny objects in golden brown.
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2. Bottled water

A tap water purification filter does a good job and is a much wiser decision than buying mineral water all the time. It is not expensive, but it is not about the few leva, the problem is more serious. Why clog up the bins with empty plastic bottles? A jug with a purification filter is a one-time expense, but it will provide you with clean drinking water for a long time. That way you will be more responsible towards nature.

Clear plastic bottle with blue label covered with water droplets lying on a dark wet surface.
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3. Takeaway food

Takeaways have been skyrocketing for the past two years, which can be explained by the coronavirus pandemic. But isn’t it more logical when most people stay at home to cook for themselves? Homemade food is not only tastier and healthier, it is also cheaper.

A large pizza cut into pieces in a cardboard box.
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4. Nutritional supplements

You will say that these are useful and necessary products and are not much of an expense, but open the medicine cabinet and count how many nutritional supplements and vitamin complexes are inside. It’s surprising how people can go overboard in their quest for getting beneficial things, especially when you consider that all of the valuable ingredients we buy these pills for can be obtained through fresh, healthy, seasonal foods.

Orange slice half covered with white pills on orange background.
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5. The important thing is to be branded

“It’s important to be branded” – this mindset, inherent in a surprisingly large number of people, is bad for the wallet. No one wants to wear outdated clothes and look untidy, it is nice to have the latest perfume of a famous brand or designer outfit, the latest model of tablet and car, but… All these things are just objects designed to make our lives better. – comfortable and us – more beautiful. Their function is practical and for aesthetic, but it is doubtful whether blouses with the logo of a famous brand are of better quality than those of an unknown brand. And this is not the path to the sustainable future we all dream of.

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