From the cup to the clock – why should they be of bamboo

Bamboo forest - thin and tall trees in close-up, photographed from the bottom up, so that their leaves and the sky are visible.

10 wonderful properties of bamboo wood, which make it prescient to choose everything made from it

Bamboo is the perfect substitute for plastic and paper because it is much more durable than them, but also because it has several wonderful properties that make it a different and attractive material:

1. Bamboo forests can be regenerated in 3 to 5 years because the tree grows very fast without the use of pesticides;

2. Bamboo absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide and produces more oxygen than other plants;

3. Has the ability to filter air and water;

4. Bamboo fibers have antibacterial properties;

5. They decompose very quickly naturally. It only takes a few years to break down most bamboo products, while plastic waste can contaminate soil and water and poison the ecosystem for centuries and even millennia.

6. Cleaning and washing, even in a dishwasher, does not damage the structure of the bamboo, it does not accumulate liquids and detergents;

7. Does not absorb unpleasant odors;

8. Does not change the taste of food;

9. Hard, dense and durable, but at the same time flexible material;

10. Insulates well and is resistant to cold and heat.

All these advantages make bamboo a far-sighted choice not only for disposable items, but also for those that we use daily and for years.

Close up of fresh green bamboo trunks - an example of a sustainable material.

Ideal for cutlery

Cups, plates, bowls, straws, forks, spoons, ladles and knives, feeding trays, food boxes, water bottles, thermoses, jars, kitchen cutting boards…

Increasingly, one can come across interesting applications of bamboo outside the kitchen.

A bamboo board, next to it a bamboo fork, spoon and knife, placed in a black and white cloth napkin.
Photo: Unsplash

Friend of cosmetics

It is ideal for make-up cleaning pads, ear sticks, diffusers for essential oils, combs and hair brushes, toothbrushes and razors. This wood is also suitable for larger bathroom items, such as bath trays, on which you can leave a book, candle or glass of wine.

The hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal properties of bamboo make it great for making baby accessories, such as a baby bath tub, towels and bathrobes. A good idea is the bamboo wristwatch, which in addition to caring for sensitive skin is also a stylish accessory – as well as sunglasses with bamboo frames, in a bamboo case, of course!

You can find great bamboo gift ideas on e-commerce sites.

Two bamboo toothbrushes, behind them a cardboard box that says "100% biodegradable toothbrush".
Photo: Unsplash

Bamboo as a gift

You will find it in pens, jewelry, interior accessories, Bluetooth speakers, to water filters with bamboo charcoal.

When placed in a container of water, it attracts contaminants to the surface and at the same time releases valuable minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium. Each stick has an expiry date of 6 months, which, however, can be extended when you leave the filter in boiling water for 10 minutes.

Childrem’s toys made of bamboo are also indispensable.

A small blond child wearing a fluffy pink sweater with dark blue dots has raised his hands forward and is holding two bamboo toy plates in them.
Photo: Unsplash


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