Divide into 5 and other valuable nutrition tips

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Famous chef Jamie Oliver to help working girls and boys

There are many reasons to admire Jamie Oliver! The 47-year-old Brit is a famous chef, entrepreneur, restaurateur, host of culinary TV shows and series, author of nutrition books, exemplary husband of Jules (with whom he has been together for almost 32 years) and father of 4 children, but also the leader of many culinary revolutions, such as the healthy eating campaign in schools “Feed Me Better”.

He succeeded in suing one of the most famous fast food companies, McDonald’s, by proving that the meatballs the chain offered were made with minced meat containing ammonium hydroxide, better known as E527 (an acidity regulator that is potentially dangerous and banned for use in a number of countries).

Jamie Oliver gives practical ideas for proper nutrition to babies and adults, but we like him the most because of the rules for working people he pushes forward. His advices are as natural as possible, easy to follow and useful both on a stressful, busy day and on weekends.

1. Cook by yourself

There is nothing tastier than fresh home-cooked food – if you can’t cook, learn, everyone can learn this skill, and it brings only pleasure, joy and health, in addition to diversifying your day – cooking has a proven anti-stress effect. No matter how fast you are, you always have time to prepare a simple dish, soup or salad. They are preferable to bought sandwiches, and with the huge selection of lunch boxes there is no problem to bring food from home to work.

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2. Cook with simple, unprocessed products

Homemade eggs, goat’s milk, fresh fish, garlic, sweet potatoes, black beans, wild rice, herbs, spices, hot peppers are on the list of foods that the famous chef recommends for longevity. The dishes with them are simple and healthy.

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3. Grill and steam

By avoiding frying and preferring grilled or oven-baked foods, stewed dishes and those cooked in a wok, in which the vegetables remain semi-raw, you ensure your health. These methods of heat treatment are useful, easy to prepare and do not take much time.

Meatballs on a barbecue, fire visible and tongs for turning the meat on the grill.
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4. Have a varied diet

Meat, milk, cheese, fish, raw vegetables, fruits – fresh and dried, nuts, spices… The variety is useful and more interesting, and you will get different vitamins and microelements.

A table with a white tablecloth, photographed from above: in the middle, four empty wooden plates, a white plate with brown and white food of unclear consistency, a white and black bowl with yogurt and red berries, there are also spoons in them, another transparent bowl with chopped vegetables , smaller bowls of chopped vegetables, hummus and spices, above two of the bowls are hands holding crackers, the table is decorated with fresh light green flowers.
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5. Eat moderately

The principle is simple: divide the food for the day into 5 meals, the most stable meal is in the morning, dinner – the most scarce, and between the three main meals of the day include two breakfasts before noon and afternoon with the proviso that they are just fruit, a handful nuts or smoothies. Quantities are important for working girls and boys – not only the slender figure but also the working capacity depends on the moderate portions. When you start applying this rule, you will quickly realize that you can get enough of just a little rice with vegetables and a spoonful of honey for dessert, instead of overdosing on cluttered plates. Toasted bread, a piece of cheese the size of a matchbox, a glass of kefir, a bowl of salad, a handful of fruit, a steak the size of a deck of cards…

Four transparent bowls with black lids filled with various vegetable and fruit salads.
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6. Eat colorful

We also eat with our eyes, Jamie Oliver likes to repeat, so take advantage of the palette of nature, that has colored the vegetables and fruits and paint with them on a plate.

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7. Read the labels

You should always be careful about what you eat, so read what is written on food packaging. This will balance the intake of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and will ensure the consumption of nutrients. The best products, says Jamie, are those with a small list of ingredients. The short label is a sign that there are not many supplements to the food.

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8. Reduce salt

Jamie Oliver is in solidarity with cardiologists who advocate moderate salt intake – one of the main causes of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. When you know that there is 1 gram of salt in 2 slices of bread, and 6 grams are enough for people in their youth and adulthood, you can imagine how much we overdo with salt. It is present in almost every product you buy – keep this in mind when reaching for the salt.

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9. Reduce sugar

7 teaspoons a day – even they are many! For a decade, the famous chef has been fighting free sugars in cakes, drinks, marinades and sauces because they rarely increase blood glucose levels. Excessive use of them threatens with overweight and metabolic disorders. But sugar, like salt, is present in most cans, canned juices, cereals and other commonly consumed products. You also can’t calculate how much sugar you have ingested with ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, jam, but you can reduce them. When you feel like eating jam, eat dates, grapes, honey or other natural sweeteners.

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