Books, bags, and… literature or art ideas in the green art space of ATRIUM

Photo wallpaper resembling a large oval window through which skyscrapers can be seen. Two women are standing in front of him, and to their right is an interesting book bag

The designer of extraordinary women's bags, Jacqueline Rangelova, and the writer Victoria Beshliyska merge fashion with literature.

When: On December 1st!

Where: ATRIUM!

Why: Because this eclectic meeting between fashion and literature is provocative and worth it!

For Jacqueline Rangelova, the date December 1st is not at all random! On this day, her brand of unique women’s bags, “By Jackline,” celebrated its first birthday. On this occasion, the young designer initiated a new project called “Over a Glass of Wine With the Author.” In the first “chapter” of this intriguing series, the protagonist was the writer Victoria Beshliyska, the author of the popular novel “Clay.”


In the improvised urban environment of the City Hall at ATRIUM (a true oasis in the heart of Sofia), friends and complete strangers came together, people from different walks of life but united by their passion for books and reading. Guests had the incredible opportunity to ask the questions they had always wanted to ask the successful author Victoria Beshliyska, all while enjoying the exquisite Bonvivant wine.

Jacqueline herself is an avid literature fan, and her fashion brand “By Jackline” aims to popularize reading and create a community of readers by designing bags inspired by literary works. At the event, bags inspired by works such as “Tobacco,” “The Iron Lantern,” by authors Yavorov, Yovkov, and, expectedly, by Victoria Beshliyska, were presented.

A woman wearing a black and white cocktail dress poses with a balloon shaped like the number 1
Photo: By Jackline

How do you manage to live here without books? Take away my books, and I will fall into despair.


– Emily Bronte

A book-bag? Why not! Or rather - of course, YES!

Just like women around the world, there are as many ideas for bags! I bet yours is undoubtedly different, but the models created by Jacqueline Rangelova under the label By Jackline are truly unique. They are a quirky mix of literature, fashion, and art. They contain a pinch of poetry, a note of prose, and inspiration that comes from the heart.

“The Little Prince,” “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “Anna Karenina” – these are some of the books that inspire 28-year-old Jackie to create bags in a modern and unconventional way. This is how the passion for reading and fashion come together to create a business idea that aims to ignite the youth’s interest in literature.

Book bag, black in color with gold quote: Two beautiful eyes, the soul of a child.
Photo: By Jackline

Whatever souls are made of, mine and his are the same 

– Emily Brontë

Let's flip through a book and open a bag – Jacqueline's bag

“With a book in hand, you’re never alone,” says Jackie as she begins to craft bags adorned with exciting quotes from books. Several books motivate her to embark on this venture – biographies of Chanel, Dior, and Jimmy Choo. She tells herself that if she doesn’t try, she has nothing to lose. The bag-making process takes about two months, and the majority of it is done by hand by Jackie. The first bag she creates features quotes from Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina.” The idea she pursues at that time is to create a contrast between old and new traditions. “You can learn a lot from books; we shouldn’t abandon and forget them. My personal goal is for someone to like the bag, and perhaps, through that bag, they will read the book,” the young author is convinced.

This is not just a way to earn extra income because Jackie has a cause, primarily focused on children and the desire to ignite their passion for reading. “I will release children’s bags with a gift of children’s books from me because, for me, the social goal is more important, and if I can make children fall in love with books, just as I did, it will be fantastic,” reveals Jacqueline Rangelova. Books ignite the imagination of anyone who dives between the lines. And Jackie’s creativity allows us not to forget the beauty of words.

The photo shows the lower part of a woman's body - elegant red high-heeled shoes, a short red skirt and a book bag
Photo: By Jackline

Queens don’t make deals

– Lewis Carroll


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