Betty Barclay HAPPINESS blooms in ATRIUM

A beautiful blonde woman is standing in front of a large monitor with a picture of a perfume on it and is speaking to an audience

A great inspiration for fragrance lovers was the actress Sofia Marinkova, well known from the series "All Inclusive"

Happiness passes through… the nose! Proven by the science, proven by Betty Barclay HAPPINESS – the new fragrance, whose official launch in Bulgaria was at ATRIUM Sofia.

Inscription on glass wall: Betty Barkley, Happiness
Launch of Betty Barclay HAPPINESS perfume in Atrium

Inspiring first impressions of the perfume were shared by the charming actress Sofia Marinkova, known from the series “All inclusive”: “Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Can you feel the happiness inside? It’s here because we have a scent of happiness, Betty Barclay HAPPINESS!”.

Beautiful blonde woman wearing a boho style dress holding a microphone and smiling at the camera
Actress Sofia Marinkova
Close-up of female hands elegantly holding a bottle of perfume

White and rose-colored decoration, cozy wicker furniture with fluffy cushions, beautiful lanterns, scented candles, fresh flowers… and so much more! And all this thanks to the wonderful girls from “Perfect event”. In other words – ATRIUM was completely changed, “dressed up” in boho style, it looked itself in the mirror, liked itself, smiled, and took a bath in… HAPPINESS! Literally!

A corner in the event hall - a round cocktail table with an arrangement of roses and dried flowers. Background - a brick wall on which a monitor with an image of perfume is hung
Indoor space under a glass atrium - large trees, greenery from various flowers, decoration of glass balls hanging from the trees

What does happiness smell like?

Designed for women who follow their own path in life without caring about the expectations of others. Betty Barclay Happiness expresses the joy of being at peace with yourself. A fragrance that emphasizes inner happiness with the confidence and radiance it gives. The aromatic joy of life is personified by fruity notes and floral accords in an intense composition. It reveals itself with juicy pear, sweet-sour blackcurrant and frothy apple. In the heart, the lively bouquet exudes ease through the feminine notes of delicate rose, sweet jasmine and sensual vanilla. The vegan fragrance finishes with earthy amber and sweet musk. The elegant design of the bottle in sandy pink and gold is also tempting.

Close-up of pink lollipops made in the form of ice creams

Inspirational messages

Betty Barclay Happiness is a fragrance for strong and confident women who inspire not only themselves but also others through their natural aura and the power of their smile. Women who are positive and confident in themselves, who are not afraid to make mistakes or not be perfect. These are the women who have discovered the key to true happiness.

As Betty Barclay Happiness Ambassador, Annika Lau, who embodies just that. “It is important for me to surround myself with people and things that make me happy. The new Betty Barclay Happiness fragrance and its floral notes make me happy, suit me and allow me to glow from the inside out. This is my personal beauty tip!”, says Anika.

A young singer with short black hair sings in front of an audience and accompanies herself with a guitar

I am an optimist and a firm believer that everything will always turn out well in my life. I live by the motto ‘Think happy!’. Happiness starts with ourselves and following your inner happiness is always key.

Anika Lau, host and speaker

A radiant smile releases hormones of happiness and improves our well-being. The only other thing you need for true inner happiness is a positive attitude towards yourself and life. Inner happiness means staying calm and not taking yourself too seriously, even when things don’t go as planned. This self-acceptance and love makes us glow from within. What better way to show that with a big, genuine and beaming smile?

Even if happiness forgets you a little, you never completely forget about it.

– Jacques Prevert



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