ATRIUM – the urban oasis in the heart of Sofia hosts the first solo exhibition of the young talent Greg Datzov

Four people - two women, a boy and a man - are lined up in front of a large screen showing cartoon images. One woman speaks into the microphone

Comic and animation heroes came to life within the artistic space of the ATRIUM hall

Super Sonic and Sponge Bob, alongside a modern interpretation of famous paintings by Vladimir Dimitrov — the Master , Picasso, and Dali! Drawings on banknotes and works inspired by popular graffiti artists! In practice, every empty space in the artistic  ATRIUM Hall was thoroughly occupied by the unconventional art of the young artist Greg Datzov because our team with great pleasure accepted the challenge to host his first solo exhibition under our roof.

Colorful paintings lined up in front of a glass case. In the background you can see the inscription Atrium
Photo: Atrium

In the beginning, there were... cars

Greg has been drawing since he was very young. As his mother Donika Rizova says: ‘He learned to draw before he learned to speak!’. He starts with cars, then … more cars and again, and again… He draws them everywhere – on the walls in the apartment, on the tiles in the bathroom, on the curtains in the living room, and the tablecloth in the kitchen… In fact, his lovely cars invade his home and gloriously take it over! Then he falls in love with animation and comic heroes, and they are still his greatest source of inspiration to this day.

A young man wearing a dark suit and a white shirt is concentrating on drawing something in a sketchbook
Photo: Atrium

The Guests

More than 70 people honored the official opening of the exhibition. Of course, Greg was supported by his close ones, some of whom flew in from abroad for the exhibition. However, the most numerous were his classmates, who also honored his unconventional talent.

The idea for the exhibition belongs to Diana Mitsova, an art teacher at 144 High School “Narodni Buditeli”, where Greg is currently a 10th-grade student in a class specialized in advertising graphics and design.

Among the guests in the ATRIUM hall were also Olia Lecheva, the extravagant diva from the legendary Bulgarian band ‘Tramway No. 5’, and former spokesperson for the Ministry of Economy, Lyubka Kachakova, former Deputy Minister of Economy (whose daughter Anna Maria is also involved in visual arts) and the musician Ventsi Mitsov.

Three women pose in front of the lens
From left to right: Donika Rizova, mother of the young artist Greg Datsov and Lyubka Kachakova with her daughter

Coming soon…

The exhibition will remain under the dome of ATRIUM for the next month, and then it will travel to a new artistic space that has shown interest in the young talent’s work.


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