ATRIUM presents: “The Magic of Perfumery” seminar by master beauty expert Ivo Zhivkov

Three luxury fragrances in beautiful perfume bottles next to pink roses.

In love with life, seduced by knowledge - let's escape from boredom and immerse ourselves in the magic of aromas!

Perfume – a small fragrant drop of vanity that we “put on” in the morning or a complex symbiosis of art, science and high technology? Maybe all of these together!

If you want to experience the magic of fragrances – the “Magic of Perfumery” seminar with lecturer Ivo Zhivkov is just for you.

An active clinical psychologist by profession, Ivo Zhivkov has also been a trainer and lecturer in the field of perfumery and cosmetics for many years.

He has completed a number of highly professional trainings in brands such as Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Lancome, Gueriain, Hermes, Van Cleef & Arpels, he has touched masterpieces in the art of perfumery.

Lecturer of the seminar Ivo Zhivkov in a black suit smiling and posing at ATRIUM.
Photo: Ivo Zhivkov

Who is the seminar for?

This is a seminar for discoverers of new experiences!
This is a seminar for people with an artistic soul!
This is a seminar for connoisseurs who want to delve into the smallest details of this creative process, to admire the refined design inspiration of the bottles and the limitless fantasy of the brands, creating a full luxury experience.

Four luxury perfume bottles with different fragrances
Photo: Unsplash

What is the connection to psychology?

… Well… it’s direct! Fragrances are completely connected to our emotions and the latest perfumery trends prove it. During “The Magic of Perfumery” you will understand, learn and feel why it is so.

Vintage fragrance bottle in front of old books
Photo: Hanna Balan, Unsplash

The topics that will be covered in 6 consecutive editions of the seminar

From the curious history of perfumery, through the creation of perfume compositions to basic ingredients that are the basis of tempting fragrances. And more:

  • The spirit of the time: why the preferred fragrances change over time; why every fragrance has its own time;
  • Neuropsychology and the olfactory brain – what science says;
  • Emotions and feelings – why we fall in love with a certain fragrance, why we look for something new, why we fall out of love with a certain fragrance;
  • Seduction and perfumes; how we impact people; how to find the right partner by the fragrance;
  • The world of bottles, packaging and luxury service. Is there a relationship and what is it between the color of the perfume bottle and its fragrance;
  • Advertising faces of perfume brands; what was Princess Diana’s favorite perfume, which fragrances did Angelina Jolie prefer; why is Brad Pitt the face of women’s perfume?
  • Famous “Noses” or “Masters of fragrances” – as we call.
When: February 2023 (dates to be confirmed), from 18.00 to 21.00
Where: Sofia, 24 George Washington Street, ATRIUM, Visionary Space hall
Number of participants: 12
Sign up at +359888705406 or at

Choosing a fragrance is like choosing a lover. You need to spend the night together to find out if you are right for each other!


– Roja Dove, perfumer


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