ATRIUM – host of the “BRAND SUCCESS” Academy for personal and business brand

Two women wearing elegant pink dresses are posing for a photo next to a woman on stilts wearing an artistic costume with large butterfly wings

During an artistic ceremony in the ATRIUM Hall, the students graduating from MASTER MIND received their certificates

Atrium Business Center hosted the graduation ceremony of the next two groups graduating from the MASTER MIND training of the Academy for personal and business brand “BRAND SUCCESS”.

The academy was founded by the mentors Desislava Avdzhieva and Violeta Macheva – by participating in it, anyone who wishes can learn step by step how to develop their personal and business brand.

Two women - the one on the left wearing a white blouse and trousers and the one on the right wearing a pink dress - are posing with a certificate in hand

After several months of hard work, the participants of the course, committed to increasing the efficiency in the development of their personal brand, were rewarded with an unforgettable evening full of surprises and many positive emotions.

Atrium Hall was able to provide both space and comfort to the over 40 invited guests to the event. Among them were also several future students, eager to find out more about a new training program.

A group of men and women are posing for a picture

A creative surprise awaited everyone at the entrance. One that added a pinch of exotic charm to the urban interior of ATRIUM and transported the attendees from the center of Sofia to the Far East. A lady on stilts in an attractive suit greeted all the guests and offered them a glass of champagne. The guests were then welcomed into the hall, which had been transformed to match the event. An abundance of food and drinks awaited them to keep them in good spirits until the beginning of the official part, during which the certificates were awarded.

A woman on stilts wearing an attractive blue suit with large butterfly wings holds a glass of wine

The evening ended under the 9-meter glass dome of ATRIUM, where the guests enjoyed the signature cocktails “Brand” and “Success” specially prepared for the occasion and participated in a raffle, which delighted each of them with a unique gift.


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