8 types of intelligence – how to recognize yours

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According to the theory of multiple intelligences, each person "awakens" a different kind

Our ability to learn, understand, make logical connections, perceive and analyze information, plan and create – all of which are parameters of intelligence and the intelligence quotient (IQ) has long been no longer the only way to measure these abilities.

The conventional view of a single intelligence is refuted by Prof. Howard Gardner of Harvard University. According to his theory of multiple intelligences, there are 8 types of independent intelligences that all people possess to varying degrees. Each person’s abilities depend on which type is “activated” in them. Also, Prof. Gardner claims that several types of intelligence can be “awakened” in a person.

When we realize what our strong type of intelligence is, we can choose a certain training or professional direction in accordance with it, which greatly increases the chances of a good career and success. However, most people, according to Gardner, do not see their true potential and therefore often choose the wrong field of realization.

You can find out what type of intelligence dominates you by determining your potential on a scale from 1 to 5.

1. Visual or spatial

Owners of this type of intelligence can visualize objects in several dimensions. They are naturally good at diagram games, cards, puzzles, pattern recognition, drawing.

Suitable career choices: artist, architect, draftsman, designer, surgeon, engineer, pilot.

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2. Physical-kinesthetic

It is believed that people who possess it have excellent control over their body: they maintain a strong tone, good coordination of the limbs, perfect balance of the body, skillful handling of objects.

Suitable career choices: dancer, actor, athlete, mechanic.

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3. Logico-mathematical

It gives its owners the ability to think logically, skills for complex calculations, analysis and plans.

Suitable career choices: scientist, mathematician, programmer, economist, accountant.

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4. Verbal-linguistic

This type of intelligence implies good verbal skills. People gifted with it are very sensitive to the meaning of words, their order, sound and rhythm. They like to read, write, memorize new things, are fond of learning languages, are good at leading debates.

Suitable career choices: writer, journalist, editor, lecturer, teacher, lawyer.

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5. Musical

People who are particularly sensitive to tones, rhythms and consonances enthusiastically study everything related to music. Many of them can play several instruments.

Suitable career choice: musician, composer, singer, actor.

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6. Naturalistic

People in whom this type of intelligence prevails have a reverent attitude towards nature, are interested in the structure of the universe, tend to study and observe flora and fauna.

Suitable career choices: biologist, geologist, farmer, gardener, ecologist, doctor.

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7. Intrapersonal

People with strong intrapersonal intelligence attach particular importance to feelings, know their emotional state well. They are prone to self-analysis, have good reflexes, are able to assess their strengths and weaknesses

Suitable career choices: therapist, psychologist, analyst, philosopher, entrepreneur.

A seated man, with only part of his body visible and both hands moving with one hand a chess piece on a chess board with other chess pieces arranged on it.
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8. Interpersonal

Interpersonal intelligence is based on a highly developed sense of empathy. People in whom it prevails interact well with others, correctly assess the mood, feelings and temperament of others, therefore they are particularly good at teamwork.

Suitable career choice: politician, negotiator, psychologist, salesman.

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about emotional intelligence, a term coined by psychologists Peter Solvay and John Mayer in the 1990s that leans on the ability to feel and show empathy. It can be inherent in any of the remaining 8 types.


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