5 ways to avoid afternoon coffee

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Tea is the most obvious substitute of the afternoon coffee, but non-obvious things also provide an energy boost to keep you fit for the second half of the day

To give themselves an energy boost during the day, millions of people drink coffee after coffee. In the morning it is almost inevitable, but also in the middle of the working day it seems the best idea to stay focused and efficient. However, overdosing on the tonic drink is not only addictive but also dangerous for healthit raises blood pressure and ultimately affects the ability to work. Let’s try something else! Tea is the most obvious substitute for coffee, but there are other things that tone you up.

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Healthy snacks nearby

The patty bakery and croissant vending machine are temptingly close, but if you have a bag of raw nuts, rice chips or dried fruit on hand, you’ll fill up on slow carbs and a good mood. Any fresh raw fruit or vegetable, as well as hard-boiled eggs, will give you the energy you need to get you through the day. 

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The gum and concentration

Chewing gum is nothing special, but it is certain that it improves the ability to concentrate, because the chewing process increases the circulation of oxygen in the brain and improves reflexesthis is what the results of various scientific studies on concentration claim. 

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Quick movements

Short bursts of exercise have no downsides and cost nothing but a few minutes of your time. Separate them to stimulate muscles stiff from standing in monotonous positions. 10 minutes of gymnastics or a walk is enough to improve our blood circulation and oxygen flow. If you don’t have the opportunity to do a few laps around the office on foot or bike, you can try exercises while sitting behind your desk to move your neck, shoulders and back. 

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Deep breathing

Stretching and yoga practices are closer to meditation and have a pronounced effect of clarifying consciousness, based on calm deep inhalation and exhalation. The goal is to break away from the computer screen, from the phone, from colleagues and immerse yourself in your world of calm and contemplation to sort out the clutter in your mind and feel refreshed. 

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A song, a favorite song!

Admit it, you sing in secret: in the car, when you’re driving alone or in the shower, but your favorite song can awaken dormant feelings, reactions and skills in the workplace too! This extra energy is no illusionit stimulates blood flow in the same way that exercise does. 

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