4 tips for leaders in times of crisis

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Doug Conant with working ideas for overcoming challenges

Firmness in business matters and care for people – this is the belief of Doug Conant, a famous business leader with over 40 years of experience in global companies. He is the man who personally wrote 30 thousand letters by hand to his employees and customers to thank them for the common work. “Always do your best for the people who work for you, look for ways to meet their needs,” says the former Campbell Soup CEO and founder of ConantLeathership.

Conant knows how to navigate through crises, considering every possible crisis that leaders may face, and shares what he’s learned over the years.

Divide by 3

The crisis, the transformation from the old to the new way and the new normal are the three elements that it is good to think about separately in order to get a clear picture of the situation.

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"How" is more important than "what"

Learn the “how” to manage the “what” and set a clear agenda that people know, understand and follow.

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Communicate, communicate, communicate

It is vital that you maintain a close relationship with the people on your team. Create an employee communication plan and stick to it to ensure your messages are heard and understood. This way you will also increase the transparency of tasks.

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Celebrate and give thanks

Increased transparency and gratitude will help you in times of crisis – note with positivity anything that works because it adds clarity to your messages.

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