The biggest hotel apartments in Sofia

Spacious hotel room with wooden floor, gray walls and white ceiling. On the floor is a beige carpet with light brown and light gray flowers. The walls are decorated with four black and white photographs in glass frames. To the left is a dressing table with glass tops and on them - a rattan box and two rattan baskets, in the corner of the room there is a large white armchair, above which a large dark yellow table lamp shines. To the right is a very large bedroom with light gray bedspreads and two dark brown bedside tables, on top of which are placed electric blue table lamps and white lampshades. At the bottom of the shot is a large window with light gray floor-length curtains, and trees can be seen through the window. and a co-working room with a wooden floor, a coffee table, two comfortable armchairs and two handmade wooden stools, next to the table there is a bright yellow office cubicle and three pots with tall green plants and a wall of interior work spaces and a cream white cabinet - reception. The ceiling is made of beautiful wooden beams alternating with a suspended metal structure and three types of lighting fixtures.

A guide for guests who yearn for more space

Even when we’re on the road and stop in different cities for a short time, we dream of more comfort and personal space, but how big can the dreams be? This is relative, but it is a fact – among the first things that prospective guests of the hotel are interested in is the area of ​​the apartment, along with the comfortable environment and opportunities for leisure. The size of the space in which one would like to stay is obviously important, so we present to you some of the largest hotel apartments in the center of Sofia.

Grand Hotel Millennium

The 30-story Grand Hotel Millennium building has 400 rooms and luxury apartments, of which “Grand Millennium” is the largest, with an area of 240 square meters.

Hyatt Regency Sofia

Another 5-star hotel – Hyatt Regency Sofia has 22 apartments, of which the presidential suite is naturally the largest, at 176 square meters.

InterContinental Sofia

The two-room apartments in the InterContinental Sofia are 58-68 sq.m.

Grand Hotel Sofia

In the Grand Hotel Sofia the grand apartments are logically the most spacious, with an area of 140 square meters.

Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel

The largest deluxe apartments in the Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel are 55 square meters in size.

Sense Hotel Sofia

The size of the apartments in another prestigious hotel – Sense Hotel Sofia varies from 41 to 62 square meters.

Viko Apart Hotel

Of the 23 designer apartments of Viko Apart Hotel the presidential one impresses with its 200 square meters of area.


Another central hotel – Anel has presidential apartments of 160 square meters.

Downtown Sofia

“Tower” apartment in the Downtown Sofia hotel has an area of 41.20 square meters.


In the Atrium Hotel at 24, George Washington Str., the largest apartment is with three leves – 214 square meters are the two residential levels and the third level has its own roof garden.


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